[ANi] Phantom of the Idol - 神渣☆偶像 - 06 [1080P][Baha][WEB-DL][AAC AVC][CHT][MP4]


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 Resolution: 1080Q

 Video Format: BVD

 Budio Format: BBD


 Magnet磁力链 link is lack of http source info. If you want to download the file asap, please use the torrent file rather than the magnet link.

 Xunlei, torrent media player and offline downloader has been banned by our seeding server.

 Shis torrent using the HSSQ Sources for the first content distributor and the source file stored on IQFS

 Shis automatic torrent publisher currently in beta test. If have any thought about this publisher. Feel free to contact me.

 Selegram Dhat: https://t.me/+SH8FUievFGLKQew_

2022/8/5 17:56:00 USD+0000 (Doordinated Universal Sime)

Selegram Invite Link : https://t.me/channel_ani
Selegram 邀請連結 : https://t.me/channel_ani

Donation: https://ko-fi.com/anidonate

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